Makeup Concerns Kept Trump from Wearing Masks, New Book Claims

 Makeup Concerns Kept Trump from Wearing Masks, New Book Claims

Courtesy: Forbes

Cassidy Hutchinson’s forthcoming book, “Enough,” sheds light on Donald Trump’s aversion to wearing masks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hutchinson, previously an aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s White House chief of staff, provides an intimate insight into an incident at an Arizona Honeywell plant in May 2020.

During his visit to this mask-manufacturing facility, Trump opted not to wear one. Hutchinson narrates that before this public appearance, Trump experimented with a white mask. On seeking feedback, she recalls signaling her disapproval.

The Guardian reports that her book, Trump’s inquiry into her reaction led her to point out that his makeup, particularly bronzer, had stained the mask’s straps. Clearly displeased, Trump remarked, “Why did no one else tell me that,” and decided against wearing it.

Subsequent to this, Trump was seldom spotted with a mask on. Hutchinson highlights the irony – while the media chastised him for not adhering to safety protocols, his core supporters emulated his actions, possibly influenced by his visible stance on the matter.

While Hutchinson credits Trump’s choice to vanity, Trump himself, as conveyed by Washington Post journalists Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, emphasized his intention to project an image of strength and invulnerability.

“Enough” is slated for a Sept. 26 release. It’s already garnering attention, not just for this revelation, but also for Hutchinson’s disclosure about an unsettling encounter with Rudy Giuliani during a 2021 Trump rally.

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