“BUT WE WILL WIN & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” Donald Trump Faces Critical Week in Court Amid Late Night Outbursts

 “BUT WE WILL WIN & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” Donald Trump Faces Critical Week in Court Amid Late Night Outbursts

Photo: Manuel Balce Centa/AP

Donald Trump is gearing up for a significant week in various courtrooms across the United States, with his frustrations boiling over into the early hours of the morning. The former president has been actively expressing his discontent, particularly in light of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court session scheduled for Thursday.

This session is of paramount importance as it is set to deliberate on whether Trump should be barred from the 2024 presidential ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause. This is just one of the many legal battles Trump is currently entangled in, with others including an ongoing appeals court deliberation regarding his claims of immunity in a case related to the subversion of the federal election, as well as a pending decision from a judge concerning penalties in a fraud case based in New York.

Trump took to Truth Social to unleash a series of posts in which he vehemently criticized the legal challenges he faces. He attributed these legal actions to what he perceives as a concerted effort led by “Crooked Joe Biden” and his associates at the Department of Justice, aimed at undermining his chances in the forthcoming presidential election.

Trump’s posts, characterized by their use of capital letters, conveyed a sense of urgency and injustice, as he compared the situation to practices he associated with third-world countries. He accused the radical left Democrats of adopting new methods of cheating, thereby jeopardizing the integrity of the nation. Despite these challenges, Trump remained defiant, proclaiming his belief in overcoming these obstacles and fulfilling his promise to “make America great again.”

In addition to his political and legal grievances, Trump also voiced his opinions on other matters. He critiqued a Bud Light advertisement that featured a transgender social media personality, labeling it as the “WORST AD in history” and lamenting the significant market value loss he attributed to the ad.

Trump questioned the brand’s ability to recover from what he saw as a monumental blunder. Shortly after this critique, he shifted his focus to endorse a new book by Charles Payne, a host on the Fox Business Network. Trump praised Payne’s “Unbreakable Investor” as a crucial read, suggesting it could be Payne’s most impactful work to date.

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