Federal Judge Sets $91.63 Million Bond for Trump in Defamation Case Amid Appeal

 Federal Judge Sets $91.63 Million Bond for Trump in Defamation Case Amid Appeal


A federal judge recently endorsed a significant bond amounting to $91.63 million for former President Donald Trump, offering him a temporary reprieve from the substantial defamation damages awarded to E. Jean Carroll. This approval, granted halts the immediate execution of the jury’s verdict, enabling Trump to proceed with an appeal.

The backdrop to this legal maneuvering stems from a jury verdict in January that mandated Trump to compensate Carroll with $83.3 million in defamation damages, marking a notable legal rebuff for Trump in his entanglements with Carroll. This was not Trump’s first legal defeat in his disputes with Carroll, as he had previously been ordered to pay $5 million in damages for sexual abuse and defamation in a separate ruling in May.

According to a report by NBC News, Trump’s legal representatives quickly moved to contest the defamation verdict, filing an appeal earlier in the month. The journey to securing the bond experienced several fluctuations, with Trump’s legal team initially requesting a reduction in the bond sum and an extension for its arrangement. Contrary to their earlier requests, they eventually confirmed the acquisition of the entire bond amount in a recent court filing.

Carroll responded to the bond approval with a sense of victory, referring to it as a “stupendous amount” in a statement on her Substack page. The bond, provided by Federal Insurance Co., presents a crucial strategic advantage for Trump, allowing him some leeway amid his ongoing legal challenges.

According to the court’s decision, Trump is allotted a five-day period to submit the bond documentation to the court clerk for the Southern District of New York, following which the enforcement of the jury’s decision will be deferred, pending the resolution of Trump’s appeal at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

In parallel, Trump and his organization are navigating additional legal hurdles, including a formidable $464 million judgment in a New York civil fraud case, further emphasizing the depth and complexity of the legal confrontations Trump is engaged in. His choice to appeal this judgment underscores the significant stakes and the broad spectrum of legal issues he continues to grapple with.

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