“Breaking: Trump Crushed in Eleventh-Hour Defeat as Critical Motion Crumbles With Only 3 Hours Left

 “Breaking: Trump Crushed in Eleventh-Hour Defeat as Critical Motion Crumbles With Only 3 Hours Left

Image Source: washingtonpost

The persistent push by former President Donald Trump for a government shutdown met a stern and timely rebuff from Congress, despite a nail-biting countdown to the deadline.

Congress, mobilizing bipartisan efforts, staved off a shutdown by passing a temporary solution merely three hours before the deadline, reported the Washington Post on October 1, 2023. Trump’s fervent calls to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, known for his criticism of President Joe Biden, to facilitate a shutdown, found no purchase in a Congress determined to steer clear of crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) expressed a collective exhale of relief, declaring, “The American people can breathe a sigh of relief: there will be no government shutdown tonight.” He did not mince words criticizing Trump and MAGA Republicans for their gambit to incapacitate the government, while also commending McCarthy for eventually capitulating to bipartisanship—a decision he emphasized was long overdue.

In a timely breakthrough, McCarthy pivoted on Saturday morning, discarding Republican demands for spending cuts and adjustments to immigration policy. Opting for a “clean” stopgap bill, this strategic move came on the heels of his conservative short-term funding bill being spurned by 21 GOP stalwarts the previous day.

Although the Senate vote momentarily paused due to reservations from Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) concerning insufficient aid for Ukraine, Schumer, ahead of the vote, reaffirmed the Senate’s dedication to fortifying Ukraine against Russian intimidation with additional aid.

President Biden, welcoming the bill’s passage, lauded Congress for averting a crisis potentially detrimental to millions of industrious Americans. Nonetheless, he expressed consternation over the precipice upon which the nation had teetered, spotlighting the reneging of House Republicans, including McCarthy, from the budget deal intended to forestall such a predicament.

Despite the prior discord, Biden expressed optimism that McCarthy would uphold his promise regarding aid for Ukraine in upcoming actions.

Senior White House figures, such as Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and Legislative Affairs Director Shuwanza Goff, ensured a steady undercurrent of coordination with both political parties leading up to the vote, enabling a resolution to be deftly reached.

In a strategic decision, the White House declined to arrange a meeting between President Biden and McCarthy, affirming the belief that Congress’s approach was the optimal path through the predicament.

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