Trump Claims Melania Never Bought Into ‘Steele Dossier’ Allegation

 Trump Claims Melania Never Bought Into ‘Steele Dossier’ Allegation


Former President Donald Trump recently addressed the infamous allegations from the 2016 ‘golden shower’ dossier during a campaign rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

He recounted to his audience the conversation he had with his wife, Melania Trump, about the dossier’s claims that Russian authorities filmed him with sex workers urinating on him in a Moscow hotel room. Trump emphasized that Melania didn’t believe these allegations, citing his well-known germaphobia as a reason, CNN reported at the time.

The dossier, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, suggested that the Russian security service, the FSB, had compromising material on Trump, including footage of the alleged Moscow incident. It also claimed that Vladimir Putin had been cultivating Trump as a presidential candidate for at least five years.

Among its more sensational allegations was that Trump had paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed previously used by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Trump has consistently denied these claims and labeled them part of the “greatest witch hunt of all time” against him. There is no evidence supporting the existence of such a tape. Steele, however, has maintained that the tape “probably exists,” suggesting Russia might be withholding it.

Trump’s aversion to germs is well-documented, including his past comments about handshaking being ‘barbaric’ due to the spread of diseases.

Recently, he initiated a lawsuit against Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence in London’s High Court, seeking compensation for distress and claiming that the dossier’s allegations, including those about ‘golden showers’ and sex parties in St Petersburg, are “false, phony, or made-up.”

In his written statement, Trump firmly denied the accusations of engaging in ‘perverted sex acts’ with prostitutes and providing the Russian authorities with blackmail material.

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