“Black people like me” Trump Claims Legal Troubles Boost His Appeal Among Black Americans

 “Black people like me” Trump Claims Legal Troubles Boost His Appeal Among Black Americans


During a recent event held by the Black Conservative Federation in Columbia, South Carolina, former President Donald Trump made a notable statement regarding his appeal among Black Americans in light of his legal challenges.

Trump suggested that the 91 criminal charges against him have somehow made him more relatable to the Black community, equating his experience with the systemic injustices faced by Black Americans in the legal system. Trump highlighted this perceived solidarity during his speech on February 23, ahead of the South Carolina Republican primary.

He insinuated that his indictments, which he views as baseless political attacks, have garnered him sympathy and support from Black Americans who see parallels between his situation and their own experiences with discrimination and injustice.

And a lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against. It’s been pretty amazing but possibly, maybe, there’s something there.” 

In an effort to draw further parallels between his situation and political persecution, Trump referenced Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, likening his own legal troubles to Navalny’s imprisonment by the Russian government. He framed his indictments as a form of political oppression, likening it to “communism or fascism.”

Trump’s comments came as he continues to lead the Republican field in his third bid for the White House, despite the array of charges stemming from his actions surrounding the 2020 election, mishandling classified documents, and other legal entanglements. He emphasized his connection with the Black community by mentioning the positive reception of his mug shot among Black Americans following his indictment in Georgia on state racketeering charges.

As Trump gears up for the 2024 election, he faces significant legal and financial challenges, including a recent $354 million civil judgment for defrauding banks and insurance companies. This judgment also bars him from holding any officer or director position in New York corporations for three years, a decision Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, has pledged to appeal.

Despite these hurdles, Trump’s campaign continues to focus on attacking President Joe Biden and alleging persecution by a so-called “deep state,” maintaining substantial support within the GOP, as per Mediaite.

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