Trump Drops Bombshell: Claims Harris Could Surpass Biden as a More Effective President

 Trump Drops Bombshell: Claims Harris Could Surpass Biden as a More Effective President

Credit: Associated Press

During a recent appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” former President Donald Trump made the surprising claim that Vice President Kamala Harris might be a more effective leader in the White House than President Joe Biden.

Responding to Hewitt’s inquiry about equating a vote for Biden with one for Harris, Trump concurred, saying, “I think so,” but expressed doubts about Biden’s candidacy longevity.

Trump speculated on the Democratic party’s future choices, saying, “It appears they might have to opt for her if Biden doesn’t run. That’s the common belief among experts. I’m not convinced, but that’s the prevailing opinion.”

He added, “In my view, she might actually do a better job than him. I truly believe that,” as reported by Mediaite.

Despite this, Trump remains the Republican favorite leading up to the upcoming Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, hinting at a potential Biden-Trump rematch.

Trump, who has avoided participating in the initial four GOP primary debates, citing his significant lead, mentioned to Hewitt his openness to debating a Republican challenger if the race tightens post-January 23 New Hampshire primary.

He also expressed his willingness to engage in general election debates, despite his criticism of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which he accused of being biased and corrupt.

Meanwhile, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is showing a surge in New Hampshire, according to recent polls, narrowing her gap with Trump. Yet, Trump dismissed these findings as inaccurate on his social media platform, Truth Social, labeling a recent poll as “fake” and continuing his criticism of Haley.

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