Barr: Trump Can’t Win Nationally — ‘He Is a Three-Time Loser’

 Barr: Trump Can’t Win Nationally — ‘He Is a Three-Time Loser’

Win McNamee/Getty Images/File

On CNN’s “The Source,” ex-Attorney General Bill Barr expressed his doubts on Wednesday about former President Donald Trump’s prospects in the 2024 presidential elections.

Host Kaitlan Collins questioned Barr, citing Trump’s current lead in the polls despite the looming shadow of his recent indictment. Collins asked Barr about his perspective as a long-time Republican who has served in both the Bush and Trump administrations.

Barr responded by expressing skepticism about the reliability of the polls. “Before Bragg’s indictment, Trump’s support was waning significantly, and his poll numbers were decreasing rapidly as DeSantis’ was rising,” he said.

According to Barr, the recent indictment, which he described as a “political hit job,” may have momentarily altered the political landscape. Nonetheless, he believed the underlying dynamic remained unchanged, citing a recent poll indicating nearly half of Trump’s current supporters would consider changing their allegiance.

Collins asked Barr if his decision to conduct interviews and speak out was motivated by a desire to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. Barr confirmed this, explaining, “I believe the Republican Party has an immense opportunity.

Looking at states like Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, we see conservative governors securing substantial victories and expanding the party. I believe this can be replicated at the national level by any candidate, except for Trump. Trump has already demonstrated his inability to secure a decisive victory at the national level. He has lost three times, and I am convinced he will lose again on a national level.”

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