“THEY WON’T STOP UNTIL THE MAGA MOVEMENT IS ERASED!” Former President Trump Calls for MAGA Support Amid Legal Setback

 “THEY WON’T STOP UNTIL THE MAGA MOVEMENT IS ERASED!” Former President Trump Calls for MAGA Support Amid Legal Setback

(Evan Vucci/AP)

In a dramatic turn of events, former President Donald Trump issued a fervent appeal for financial contributions from his supporters, coinciding with a decisive legal setback when a D.C. appellate court rejected his claim to presidential immunity. Trump conveyed his call to action in a message filled with capital letters, vehemently criticizing the Justice Department, the Biden administration, and the federal judiciary.

He accused these institutions of conspiring against him in what he described as an extensive witch hunt, aiming to thwart his aspirations for the 2024 presidential race. In his impassioned plea, Trump urged his followers to contribute financially before the end of the day, positioning himself as a bulwark against what he termed “tyranny.”

As reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, He depicted the legal challenges he faces, particularly those related to allegations of his efforts to obstruct the peaceful transition of power following the 2020 election, as battles against an overreaching administration. “Joe Biden has weaponized the entire federal government against the US,” Trump stated, asserting a relentless pursuit by his adversaries.

However, he expressed confidence in overcoming these challenges with the backing of his supporters, proclaiming, “WE WILL WIN!” This solicitation for funds came in the aftermath of a unanimous decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the doctrine of “presidential immunity” does not shield Trump from facing prosecution on charges related to criminal election interference in Washington D.C., effectively dismissing a significant component of Trump’s defense strategy.

“Moments ago, federal judges just ruled that I HAVE NO PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY!” Trump tells his followers. “THEY WON’T STOP UNTIL THE MAGA MOVEMENT IS ERASED!”

This decision marks a significant moment in the ongoing federal case spearheaded by special counsel Jack Smith, where Trump, a leading figure in the Republican party for the 2024 presidential nomination, has maintained his innocence. Trump has contended that his actions leading to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots were within the bounds of legality, arguing that a conviction would set a precedent for future prosecutions of presidents for conduct while in office.

However, the appellate court’s disagreement with Trump’s stance has further complicated his legal position. Following the court’s ruling, the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee launched a new campaign, framing the legal development as evidence of a concerted effort to derail Trump’s political comeback.

A message on the conservative fundraising platform WinRed echoed Trump’s sentiments, vowing that despite the onslaught of “vicious lies and attacks,” Trump would “NEVER SURRENDER our great country to the Left’s tyranny.” The message called for immediate financial support from Trump’s base to “finish what we started,” with a pledge to “DISMANTLE the Deep State,” signifying a continued fight against what Trump perceives as entrenched opposition within the government.

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