Trump Calls Biden ‘Stupid’ For Revealing US Has Run Out of Ammo

 Trump Calls Biden ‘Stupid’ For Revealing US Has Run Out of Ammo

Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Earlier this month, President Biden informed the public that the Ukrainian military was depleting its supply of 155mm artillery ammunition and that the US was also running low on this particular ammunition. This factor contributed to his much-debated decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine, an action backed by Pentagon and White House officials.

Former President Donald Trump, however, criticized Biden for publicizing the fact that the United States ammunition reserves were diminishing in the midst of its proxy conflict with Russia in Ukraine.

In a recent TV interview, Trump said, “We have a man who revealed to the entire world that our ammunition supply is dwindling. I ensured our ammunition stocks were full three years ago. We’ve distributed it all now. However, the only thing worse than depleting your reserves is announcing to the world that you’re out of ammunition. He’s informed China and other hostile nations that we’re out of ammunition.”

Currently leading in the polls for the 2024 Republican nomination and outpacing Biden by five points in the general election, Trump also accused the sitting president of engaging in corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

“By the way you talk about classified documents – that’s worse than any document that you could give. So now these people are sitting back, in China and other places that hate us including North Korea where I had a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un and kept our country safe – they’re talking about the United States of America has no ammunition, think of it. How stupid can somebody be to say that?” Trump asked.

He alleged that “despite the significant financial aid we’re providing to Ukraine, the Biden family was receiving a significant sum from Ukraine,” presumably referring to reports suggesting that Biden and his son Hunter allegedly received millions from a Ukrainian businessman in a supposed pay-for-play corruption scheme during Biden’s vice presidency under Barack Obama.

When asked if he would halt funding to Ukraine, Trump said, “I’d strive to resolve the war. First and foremost, I’d tell Europe ‘You’re more than $100 billion short. It’s time to pay up.’ Europe is greatly benefiting from the situation… The US is contributing far more than Europe, even though Europe is more directly impacted.

They’re nearby, while we’re separated by an ocean. Why is our contribution $150 billion and theirs only $20 billion? Their economy is comparable to ours in size… They should be contributing the same amount as us, if not more.”

Trump reiterated his previous concerns about the potential risks of the ongoing proxy conflict between Russia and NATO in Ukraine, especially given the presence of nuclear weapons.

“This is the most dangerous time in the history of our country because of weaponry. The nuclear power is so enormous – this isn’t two army tanks going and shooting each other in World War I, World War II, or soldiers standing behind a bunker and shooting people,” Trump said.

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