Trump Blasts Melania’s Former Aide ‘Wolkoff, a Total Airhead’

 Trump Blasts Melania’s Former Aide ‘Wolkoff, a Total Airhead’

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Donald Trump on Sunday went after a former aide to his wife, Melania, calling the ex-advisor a “total airhead” who was “dumped by” the former first lady years ago. Trump was reacting to an article by Trump-aligned Breitbart, which reported that Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, a former friend and staffer to Melania, “blamed President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance on bad lighting by CNN.”

Trump shared the article and insulted his wife’s former confidante. Wolkoff has been critical of the ex-president in the past.

“Wolkoff, a total airhead who was dumped by Melania years ago for being a publicity-seeking airhead who added nothing, had a love affair with the Fake News, and was a boring, small-time loser, now gets into the news again by blaming Crooked Joe Biden’s absolutely dismal debate performance on ‘lighting’ (that’s a new one!) and the angle of the podium, which he chose,” Trump said over the weekend. “No, Biden, the worst President in the history of our Country, lost because I beat him, he is not good on the big stage, and he CHOKED!!!”

Trump continued his tirade:

“Stephanie should start getting her sad life together, perhaps by working for Crooked Joe after he leaves the White House and our Country begins to recover from the tremendous damage he has caused!” Wolkoff, who once enjoyed a close relationship with Melania Trump, has become a vocal critic of the Trump administration. Her book, “Melania and Me,” details her experiences working with the first lady and includes numerous criticisms of the former president.

The heated exchange highlights the ongoing tension between Trump and his critics, especially those who once were part of his inner circle. As the 2024 presidential race heats up, Trump’s attacks on former allies and adversaries alike are likely to continue, maintaining his combative public persona.

The comments also underscore Trump’s unyielding defense of his presidency and his disdain for those he perceives as disloyal or opportunistic. As for Wolkoff, her criticism of Biden’s debate performance—whether attributed to lighting or other factors—has placed her back in the spotlight, albeit with a sharp rebuke from her former associate.

Trump’s remarks, filled with personal attacks and accusations, reflect his characteristic approach to dealing with critics. Whether these exchanges will influence public opinion or simply add to the ongoing political drama remains to be seen.

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