Trump Selects Battle With Former President Barack Obama: “They Are Destroying Our Country”

 Trump Selects Battle With Former President Barack Obama: “They Are Destroying Our Country”


Former President Donald Trump took to social media on November 27 to launch a scathing critique of President Joe Biden, also mentioning former President Barack Obama in his comments. Trump explained that his habit of sarcastically calling Biden “Obama” was meant to suggest that others might be exerting significant influence over the current administration.

He criticized claims made by Ron DeSanctimonious and others, who allege that Trump’s conflation of Biden and Obama indicates cognitive impairment, asserting his awareness of both individuals and accusing them of harming the country.

In his post, Trump listed various policy areas where he disagrees with the Biden administration, covering issues like immigration, energy, and military affairs. He challenged Biden to undergo a cognitive test, claiming that Biden’s support for certain policies is questionable.

Trump contrasted this with his own cognitive test results, asserting he had achieved a perfect score previously and had recently “aced” another test. This post marks another instance of Trump publicly confronting both his predecessor and successor, framing Biden as a leader influenced by more liberal Democrats and reviving his longstanding criticism of Obama.

This strategy resonates with his political base, as both Obama and Biden symbolize the policy directions Trump sought to reverse during his presidency. Trump’s continued use of his platform to challenge the current administration raises questions about the public’s appetite for a potential rematch between Trump and Biden in the 2024 election.

While it’s uncertain if voters are ready for another deeply polarized election, Trump’s recent post indicates his eagerness to be a central figure in the upcoming political discourse. His approach of inciting controversy is a tactic that has historically served him well in capturing attention and mobilizing support.

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