January 6th Committee Claim That Trump Assaulted Secret Service Agents

 January 6th Committee Claim That Trump Assaulted Secret Service Agents

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The anti-Trump coalition spent most of Tuesday praising Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the January 6th Committee. It was an ex-adviser for the White House. They declared the session to be a game-changer and warned that the Trump administration was becoming closer. She resembled the prior witness more. Loaded with rumors that, even if everything mentioned were accurate, wouldn’t amount to much.

The latest “emergency” hearing confirmed that the January 6th committee does not truly exist to present evidence to support its assertions. Its sole purpose is to throw as much garbage up against a wall as possible in the hopes that the overwhelming number of claims will convince people of something they are not.

The most outrageous claim made during Hutchinson’s testimony that Trump assaulted two Secret Service officials and attempted to grasp the steering wheel of the car he was in because he was so eager to go wage insurrection at the Capitol Building was the finest example of it. It sounds amazing.

Hutchinson’s testimony was centered around the idea that she learned about it from a friend who heard about it from a friend. Only the clowns on the January 6th committee were able to present a witness who didn’t actually see anything as “bombshell” evidence of some massive plot to commit insurrection.

But once more, even if what she said was accurate, there was no solid evidence supporting it. Apart from invading the building and snatching Nancy Pelosi‘s drink, there could be a plethora of other reasons why Trump would have wished to visit the Capitol.

Naturally, and you might want to get comfy for this, Hutchinson’s ridiculous claim seems to be untrue. The entire media frenzy that was caused by an NBC News report was proclaiming Trump’s imminent demise (and the brilliantness of the January 6th Committee) just hours earlier.

It’s wonderful how things turned out, placing all blame on Liz Cheney and her Democratic allies. They allowed Hutchinson to attest to something that was so easy to confirm. Given the respect Trump accords former Secret Service agents, it should come as no surprise that they will come forward to correct the record.

The only inference I can make from it is that the January 6th committee was made up entirely of morons. They honestly believed there would be no backlash if they had a staff member create fictional stories. It wasn’t logical.

We’re expected to think that as a 74-year-old, obese guy who had to “grip the wheel,” Trump had to fight his way into the front seat of the presidential limo (or, depending on who you ask, a suburban). Since he was the president, he could go to the Capitol as he pleased. He only needed to say, “Take me to the Capitol.”

I’m really laughing so hard. The whole event was funny. The committee should continue holding these hearings on January 6 simply for fun. I also hope that Republicans don’t overlook those on their own side who rushed to accept the hook on yet another ridiculous, really absurd claim against Donald Trump.

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