Trump Asked Melania to Parade Around Mar-a-Lago in a Bikini’

 Trump Asked Melania to Parade Around Mar-a-Lago in a Bikini’


In a riveting exposé, the association between Australian magnate Anthony Pratt and ex-President Donald Trump has come under scrutiny, especially concerning Pratt’s unprecedented access to U.S. confidential data.

60 Minutes Australia” recently aired covert recordings that laid bare some startling details about the relationship between the two. This content, subsequently shared by Raw Story on October 22, 2023, sheds light on Trump’s intentions surrounding his wife, Melania, during her appearances at Mar-a-Lago.

Pratt, who successfully navigated his way into Trump’s core team, shared details of their conversations. Of notable concern is a conversation where Trump expressed his wish for Mar-a-Lago’s members to witness Melania, the former model, in just a bikini, allowing them to “fully appreciate” her.

The New York Times, given access to these recordings, validated Pratt’s recollections. Trump’s seemingly inappropriate request is now being viewed against the backdrop of the 91 criminal charges he faces.

Interestingly, prior to Trump’s 2016 victory, Pratt had no significant ties with him. Yet, after the election results, Pratt strategically aligned himself with Trump. This alignment saw Pratt leveraging his immense wealth, showering Trump with praises in public, buying pro-Trump newspaper ads, and even joining Mar-a-Lago.

While the focus remains on the controversial request involving Melania, it is essential to see this in a wider scope. Pratt’s close proximity to Trump and the subsequent access he gained to confidential information points towards the potentially murky ways in which wealthy individuals can gain political traction.

With the 2024 elections on the horizon and Trump’s campaign drawing attention, these revelations further complicate the former president’s already tarnished image. The questionable relationship between Pratt and Trump underscores the broader concerns about power dynamics and influence in the political realm.

Trump’s willingness to put his family in compromising situations for apparent gains paints a troubling picture of his tenure as president.

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