Trump Claims Democrats Are Angry About His Indictment

 Trump Claims Democrats Are Angry About His Indictment

© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

Trump has convinced himself that Democrats and Republicans are angry that he has been indicted in Georgia.

Trump said on Fox Business:

It’s a witch hunt. It’s just a continuation of a witch hunt. They want to silence you, and they mean silence. I think they’re sick people. I think they are people that have no idea how the world works, and they have no idea the anger they cause. You know, we have a tremendous group of people in this country, and I’m not just talking about Republicans. We have them on both sides, and we have a lot of them, and when they watch this witch hunt, this disgusting situation, where they do it for publicity.”

The rest of Trump’s comments were incoherent nonsense that included an attack on Fani Willis.

The big takeaway is that Trump thinks Democrats are angry about his indictment in Georgia.

Angry isn’t the right word.

Democratic rank and file are celebrating, happy, relieved, and thrilled are just a few of the descriptions I have heard.

Elected Democrats don’t want to feed into Trump’s narrative that the indictments are political, so they are stepping back and allowing the justice system to do its work.

Democrats are not angry that Trump was indicted. Some are angry that it took so long for Trump to face justice.

Trump is spinning because the indictments are hurting him and potentially making him unelectable in November.

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