“The whole is laughing now at New York’s weaponized legal system, watching this unfold” Trump angrily claims they have no case against him

 “The whole is laughing now at New York’s weaponized legal system, watching this unfold” Trump angrily claims they have no case against him

Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria

Donald Trump was deeply involved in every aspect of a scheme designed to suppress stories about his alleged sexual affairs that could have jeopardized his 2016 presidential campaign, according to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. In straightforward and detailed testimony on Monday, Cohen, who has turned against Trump, provided crucial insights into the hush money trial currently underway.

Cohen, once known as Trump’s fixer, testified that nothing in the hush money scheme happened without Trump’s explicit approval. “Everything required Mr. Trump’s sign-off,” Cohen stated, underscoring Trump’s central role in the operation. As the prosecution’s key witness, Cohen’s testimony marks a significant moment in the case as it approaches its final and decisive phase, told Ap News.

During his hours of anticipated testimony, Cohen detailed Trump’s involvement in the plot to silence potentially damaging stories. He recounted how Trump promised to reimburse him for the hush money payments Cohen made to ensure these stories did not surface. Cohen described how he kept Trump regularly updated on efforts to suppress stories that could have harmed his campaign.

“A rather angry defendant,” remarked CNN’s Jake Tapper as Trump walked away. He went on to claim that the Federal Election Commission looked into the allegations and found, “There’s absolutely no problem,” with the payments. He then quoted a number of people sympathetic to his case, including right-leaning law professor Jonathan Turley and even Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), whom Trump quoted as saying the “objective is to keep Trump off the campaign trail, that’s all they’re trying to do, keep him off the campaign trail.” “The whole is laughing now at New York’s weaponized legal system, watching this unfold,” Trump thundered.

Trump added of Merchan, “We have a corrupt judge, and we have a judge who’s highly conflicted and he’s keeping me from campaigning. He’s an appointed New York judge, he’s appointed. Do you know who appointed him? Democrat politicians. He’s appointed, he’s a corrupt judge and he’s a conflicted judge, and he ought to let us go out and campaign and get rid of this.

One particular instance involved Playboy model Karen McDougal, who alleged she had an extramarital affair with Trump. Cohen testified that when he informed Trump about McDougal’s claims, Trump instructed him to ensure the story did not get out. Consequently, McDougal was paid $150,000 in a deal that was finalized after Trump received a comprehensive update on the situation.

Cohen’s testimony is pivotal for the prosecution. Although it did not have the sensational impact of Stormy Daniels’ testimony the previous week, Cohen’s statements were critical in linking Trump directly to the hush money payments. His testimony also helped clarify and give context to some of the more technical evidence presented earlier in the trial, such as text messages and phone logs that jurors had reviewed.

As the trial continues, Cohen’s detailed account of Trump’s involvement in the hush money scheme adds a significant layer of evidence, painting a picture of a presidential candidate who took extensive measures to prevent damaging stories from derailing his campaign. This testimony not only strengthens the prosecution’s case but also provides the jury with a clearer understanding of the extent of Trump’s alleged actions to influence the 2016 election.

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