Trump and Tucker Show Was Perfect Counterprogramming to Fox News GOP Debate

 Trump and Tucker Show Was Perfect Counterprogramming to Fox News GOP Debate


Donald Trump and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made headlines during the GOP debate, with Trump skipping the event to conduct an interview with Carlson. The decision seems strategic, as Trump wanted to avoid potential confrontations with opponents, given his current lead in the polls.

This pre-recorded interview was released minutes before the GOP debate and covered a range of topics. Some highlights include Trump criticizing Joe Biden’s performance and competence, labeling him as the “most corrupt president” and even suggesting ties to China. He also commented on Biden’s health, alluding to a perceived decline in the President’s physical state.

Trump discussed the 2020 election, maintaining that it was rigged and criticizing judges for dismissing the claims. He expressed his belief that Vice President Mike Pence had the authority to question the vote’s legitimacy, stating that Pence received bad legal advice on the matter.

On the subject of current competitors, Trump claimed Ron DeSantis’ campaign was faltering, suggesting that he would not withstand the same scrutiny and attacks Trump has experienced.

Carlson’s questioning took a darker turn when he asked Trump about the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein, hinting at potential foul play. While Trump refrained from making direct accusations, he did insinuate that Epstein’s death could have been suspicious.

The interview ended with a reflection on the increasingly aggressive challenges faced by Trump during his political career, moving from protests to impeachments and now legal indictments. When Carlson posed the chilling question of whether Trump feared for his life, the former President did not give a direct answer but described his detractors as “savage animals.”

While the GOP debate had its own drama, Trump and Carlson’s collaboration undoubtedly stole some of its spotlight.

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