HUGE Betrayal! Former Trump Ally PREDICTS His Downfall & Backs Another Candidate – Trump EXPLODES

 HUGE Betrayal! Former Trump Ally PREDICTS His Downfall & Backs Another Candidate – Trump EXPLODES

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The political world was set ablaze when former NYC Council president, Andrew Stein, who was once in Trump’s corner, wrote a bombshell op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. The twist? He’s lost faith in Trump’s third presidential bid and is now cheering on Nikki Haley!

Cue the drama: Trump immediately fired back on his Truth Social platform, tearing into Stein as a mere “lightweight gadfly” and belittling his endorsement of Haley, calling it “pointless.”

According to a report by Raw Story on Saturday, October 28, 2023, But Trump didn’t stop at Stein. He lashed out at the Wall Street Journal too, dubbing it “Globalist, China Centric” and blasting its Trump coverage.

In his stinging op-ed, Stein didn’t pull any punches. He hinted at the possibility of Trump being labeled a felon by 2024 and expressed dismay over a potential showdown between “an old felon and an old fool.” Ouch!

With Trump’s political influence still looming large, this public spat with a past supporter stirs the pot, casting shadows over his political storyline.

But there’s more to this soap opera. Tensions escalate as Trump and his trio of kids – Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric – face legal heat in a whopping $250 million fraud case against the Trump Organization. With the Trumps set to testify, all eyes are on Don Jr., who’s expected to deliver fiery statements.

In another twist, Judge Engoron’s call for Ivanka to testify triggered a volcanic response from Trump. He slammed the judge, labeling him “CRAZY” and “CRAZED in his hatred” against him, intensifying the legal standoff.

And while Trump’s drama continues, there’s turmoil within the GOP too. New House Speaker Micheal Johnson is already grappling with dissent from his own party members.

In a nutshell, the past few days reveal a whirlwind of political and legal chaos, with Trump at its epicenter. The saga of Trump’s post-presidential life is nothing short of a political thriller!

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