Rep. Tom McClintock Supports Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry

 Rep. Tom McClintock Supports Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry

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Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA), who was previously against the idea, now endorses the initiation of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. According to CNN’s Annie Grayer, McClintock advocates the commencement of an impeachment inquiry into Biden on bribery charges.

“McClintock mentioned that evidence is ‘mounting’ and if proven, ‘that is impeachable,'” Grayer reported. This sentiment contributes to the increasing support among House Republicans for an impeachment investigation into Biden. The House Judiciary Committee, where McClintock is a member, would be responsible for the impeachment inquiry and the investigation into whether formal impeachment proceedings should be initiated against Biden.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated this week that he might consider the impeachment inquiry as it would enable “Congress to get the information to be able to know the truth.” McCarthy’s remarks were made a day after he announced on Fox News, “We will follow this to the end.”

According to Politico, three GOP lawmakers in a private meeting with the Speaker stated that McCarthy would back the launch of an impeachment inquiry if House Republicans gather sufficient evidence to support it. “It’s meaningful that he has broached the impeachment subject, and he has acknowledged that the evidence is mounting against the president,” stated Rep. Bob Good (R-VA).

As Politico reported:

To explain the GOP’s potential case for opening a historic impeachment inquiry into Biden, McCarthy has pointed broadly to various threads of sweeping GOP investigations. Those include IRS whistleblower allegations that the Justice Department hampered the federal Hunter Biden probe, questions about Biden family business deals, and an uncorroborated FBI document that links the president to an unverified bribery claim.

But Republicans have not yet found a smoking gun linking the president to his son’s business arrangements or that Joe Biden accepted a bribe, while both Attorney General Merrick Garland and U.S. Attorney David Weiss have denied the whistleblower allegations.

The impeachment inquiry would explore numerous allegations of corruption involving Biden and his family. McClintock’s support is notable, as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told Breitbart News last month that he was one of the few GOP holdouts.

“Everyone knows that Joe Biden is a criminal, and they [Republicans] will not move forward with impeachment anywhere in Judiciary, because you know what, you know what it is? There’s a couple of Republicans that sit on the Judiciary Committee, Ken Buck and [Tom] McClintock, who don’t want to vote for impeachment,” Greene informed Breitbart News.

However, it seems unlikely that Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) will soon change his stance regarding the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, Buck accused McCarthy of attempting “impeachment theater” to divert attention from the forthcoming appropriations bills. Buck stated to CNN, “Well, this is impeachment theater. We right now are starting the appropriations process, and there is no consensus on the Republican side about what the number should be.”

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