New Revelations From DeVon Archer Make Things Even Worse for the Bidens

 New Revelations From DeVon Archer Make Things Even Worse for the Bidens

© AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta

In a recent development questioning President Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he never discussed his son, Hunter Biden’s, foreign business dealings, a letter from Biden to Hunter’s business associate, Devon Archer, has surfaced. This letter was sent in 2011 when Biden was serving as Vice President, shortly after a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The letter, unveiled by Archer in an interview with Tucker Carlson, has Biden expressing gratitude to Archer for his friendship with Hunter and acknowledging their business partnership. Despite Biden’s insistence that he was never involved or affiliated with Hunter’s business affairs, the personal nature of the letter to Archer seems contradictory, told The Hill.

During his interview with Carlson, Archer was asked about the intention of Biden’s letter. He described it as a pleasant gesture and suggested that Biden was showing appreciation for the potential prospects of a government-regulatory-strategic-advisory business in the private equity sector that Hunter and he were introducing.

Carlson, however, pressed the matter, pointing out that Biden, being the Vice President at the time, should not have been engaged in discussing foreign business transactions. Archer acknowledged this, admitting that getting too close to powerful figures can have detrimental effects.

Interestingly, this revelation adds another layer to the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s business engagements, particularly with the scandal-ridden Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Archer and Hunter served together. Despite Biden’s continuous denials of involvement, the newly uncovered letter seems to tell a different story.

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