Schumer Unleashes on Supreme Court ‘They Placed a Crown on Trump’s Head’ – New Legislation Incoming!

 Schumer Unleashes on Supreme Court ‘They Placed a Crown on Trump’s Head’ – New Legislation Incoming!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/File via CNN Newsource

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) revealed his plan to introduce legislation that would classify election subversion by the president as an unofficial act, stripping it of any immunity. Schumer addressed the Senate floor on Monday following the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial decision granting Donald Trump immunity for official acts taken during his presidency.

“They incorrectly declared that former President Donald Trump enjoys broad immunity from criminal prosecution for actions he took while in office,” Schumer said of the high court. “We were all taught in grade school that there are no kings here in America, but what the conservative justices have done is effectively place a crown on Donald Trump’s head.”

Schumer criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling as being contrary to constitutional principles. “Presidential immunity is nowhere to be found in the Constitution, and this lawless ruling underscores just how hollow the conservative justices’ commitment to originalism truly is,” he continued.

In response to the ruling, Schumer announced that Democrats would introduce legislation to counter the decision. “The Constitution makes plain that Congress has the authority to check the judiciary through appropriate legislation,” he noted. “I will work with my colleagues on legislation classifying Trump’s election subversion acts as unofficial acts, not subject to immunity.”

Schumer emphasized the need for accountability in the judiciary, reflecting public frustration. “The American people are tired, just tired, of justices who think they are beyond accountability,” he added.

The Supreme Court’s decision has sparked significant debate, with critics arguing that it grants excessive protection to presidential actions and undermines the principle of accountability. Schumer’s proposed legislation aims to clarify the boundaries of presidential immunity, specifically targeting actions related to election subversion.

The likelihood of passing this legislation remains uncertain, given the current political climate and the slim Democratic majority in the Senate. However, Schumer’s initiative highlights the ongoing struggle to balance executive power and accountability within the U.S. political system.

As the debate unfolds, the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision and the proposed legislative response will be closely watched. Schumer’s move to reclassify election subversion acts as unofficial underscores the broader efforts to ensure that no individual, regardless of their position, is above the law.

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