“EXPLOSIVE Revelation: ‘The View’ Hosts Reveal Trump’s Biggest Secret — His Real Worth Will Shock You!”

 “EXPLOSIVE Revelation: ‘The View’ Hosts Reveal Trump’s Biggest Secret — His Real Worth Will Shock You!”


In a riveting episode of “The View”, co-hosts couldn’t resist poking fun at Donald Trump over revelations about his exaggerated wealth.

Whoopi Goldberg opened the segment hinting at Trump’s portrayal as a business mogul: “I’ve said it time and again about the man behind ‘The Apprentice’. Guess what?” she hinted with a cheeky tone.

Joy Behar couldn’t hold back, jesting, “Can you imagine Melania’s face when she discovers he might just have 800 bucks to his name?”

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Alyssa Farah Griffin, with a past stint in the Trump White House, echoed sentiments about Trump being perceived as “a charlatan and a con man” by many in New York. Putting things in perspective, Griffin pointed out Trump’s alleged exaggeration of Mar-a-Lago’s value by a whopping 2,300%. “Comparing that,” she said, “is like calling my modest apartment a luxury penthouse. Anyone else would likely face jail time for such inflation.”

As reported by Raw Story on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Griffin offered a deeper insight, “Knowing Trump, he sees financial struggle as the ultimate defeat. He’s obsessed with winning, to a fault. I believe seeing his name removed from the iconic Trump Tower would devastate him more than any legal consequence.”

The panel revisited the infamous Trump-Rosie O’Donnell spat. Behar reminisced how O’Donnell’s jibe about Trump’s finances seemed to deeply affect him. “It was like poking a sleeping beast. The ferocity with which he retaliated against Rosie was unmatched,” she said.

She concluded with a striking remark on Trump’s sensitivity to criticism, referring to his reaction at a White House Correspondent’s dinner hosted by President Obama. With a dramatic flair, Behar quipped, “His skin? It’s thinner than this tic tac!” as she popped the candy into her mouth.

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