“I Made More Money in Two Songs Than in a Week” Stormy Daniels Reveals Reasons for Entering Adult Film Industry

 “I Made More Money in Two Songs Than in a Week” Stormy Daniels Reveals Reasons for Entering Adult Film Industry


Stormy Daniels turned enough heads with her hush-money trial against former President Donald Trump. The adult film star has been making waves with her stupefying statements to the court against Trump, who was later convicted in the case. But the conviction isn’t the only thing that made everything controversial for Daniels.

According to the Daily Mail, the 45-year-old gave unusual reasons for why she joined the adult film industry. On the podcast “Everything I Know About Me,” she explained that she entered pornography to feed her horse. As bizarre as it sounds, this is exactly what Daniels claimed. Daniels, originally named Stephanie Gregory Clifford, shared she never planned on becoming a stripper.

“I made more money in two songs than I did in a week of shoveling horse manure,” she said. Daniels revealed that it was in 1996 when she first attempted to strip for the reasons mentioned above. Furthermore, when asked why she wasn’t mad at her father for abandoning the family, Daniels said, “But if a woman is being dishonest, it sort of takes that power away. And he never wanted children.

So it’s really hard to be angry at a man who didn’t have that choice, which sounds very opposite of what we’re used to hearing that, you know, women are the ones that should have the voice and the choice and whatever, but so, I think so should men—and he didn’t.” Speaking about her family and stepmom, she revealed, “My stepmom was very excited to teach me about horses and show me horses. She bought me my first pair of riding boots. It was nice to get away and have a clean place to sleep at least twice a year.”

Daniels explained the hardships she faced, sharing how her mom would generally disappear for days, leaving her without food. “And I wouldn’t eat. I panic. I can’t stand to be hungry. It’s such a trigger for me,” Daniels said, explaining how her past has shaped her present. The adult star also shared vulnerable moments that she wasn’t completely allowed to include in her tell-all book.

She spoke about her childhood abuser and what she did as she grew up. “He’s dead now, by the way, because I later went back to kill him. And he was already deceased. Although it shouldn’t really matter because I know there’s a police record.” The omission of his name in her book made her mad.

Speaking about her relationship with her mother, Daniels shared, “And I will tell you that the second my daughter was born, every ounce of forgiveness, sympathy, empathy—maybe I’m being too hard—for my mom went out the window and I completely stopped speaking to her. I haven’t accepted a text, a phone call, a message, an email, nothing since the day my daughter was born,” she said per the Daily Mail. Explaining the reason, she said that once her daughter was born, she understood, “I could not imagine how she did the things to me.”

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