“The Biggest Thing Is That They’re Not Hiding” Stormy Daniels Faces Death Threats and Financial Ruin After Testifying in Trump’s Hush Money Case

 “The Biggest Thing Is That They’re Not Hiding” Stormy Daniels Faces Death Threats and Financial Ruin After Testifying in Trump’s Hush Money Case


Stormy Daniels has been facing relentless death threats and severe financial difficulties since testifying in Donald Trump’s hush money case. In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow aired on Tuesday night, Daniels detailed the harassment and financial struggles resulting from the case. This was her first TV interview since Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records in the historic trial.

“The biggest thing is that they’re not hiding like they used to,” Daniels said, referring to the individuals threatening her and her family. “It used to be bots, you know, now they’re using their real stuff. There’s, you know, Facebook threads from people in my own community [who say] they plan to do things to my house and my family.”

For six years, Daniels has tried to maintain her composure while regularly receiving graphic threats, including ones stating they would “rape everybody in my family including my young daughter before they kill them.”

Daniels was called to testify at the Lower Manhattan criminal court, where she recounted under oath a tryst with Trump in 2006 at a Lake Tahoe hotel during a golf tournament. Trump was accused of paying Daniels a six-figure sum to buy her silence weeks before the 2016 election. Although he chose not to testify, Trump denied having sexual relations with Daniels and reiterated his denial during last week’s debate, telling 50 million viewers, “I didn’t have sex with a porn star.”

Trump has vowed to appeal the verdict. “Trump is trying to make, I believe, trying to make an example out of me,” Daniels told Maddow, adding that it’s an example “of anybody who dares stand up to him.”

Daniels revealed the ongoing harassment and legal troubles she faces, including having to pick pellets out of her horse and dealing with a continuous stream of legal documents. “I was served again… the day before yesterday,” she said.

She also mentioned that her partner’s home is under threat due to her tenancy. “They are trying to take my partner’s house,” she said, noting that she pays rent monthly to help with his mortgage and that “they’re demanding personal information about my 13-year-old daughter.”

Daniels said that after being doxxed and having her address leaked, her life has been in turmoil. “My mailbox is destroyed. My animals have been injured. My daughter can’t go outside. There’s press and lookie-loos out there. I’m afraid to go outside. I’m afraid to go out and mow the lawn. I can’t go anywhere. I’m afraid of being followed. The death threats are so much more graphic and detailed and brazen,” she explained.

Daniels also discussed the financial burden, stating that she could face contempt charges and additional sanctions for refusing to provide details about her daughter. This would be on top of the estimated $600,000 she owes Trump for a defamation case she lost.

She praised columnist E. Jean Carroll, who successfully sued Trump for defamation, but expressed frustration about her own mounting legal fees, which have exceeded half a million dollars. When asked by Maddow if she had the means to pay the substantial amounts, Daniels admitted she couldn’t. “No, and nor do I think I should,” she said. “It’s not fair.”

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