Steve Bannon Sends Stark Warning to Kevin McCarthy Regarding Matt Gaetz

 Steve Bannon Sends Stark Warning to Kevin McCarthy Regarding Matt Gaetz


Steve Bannon, the former political adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, issued a strong warning to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding Representative Matt Gaetz, stating that McCarthy wouldn’t be able to do anything to Gaetz “over our dead bodies.”

McCarthy, a Republican from California, was elected House speaker in January after a prolonged congressional stalemate that involved 15 ballots and four-plus days of voting. Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, had previously stated that he would never vote for McCarthy and supported other candidates for the position, including Trump.

Bannon made his comments during an episode of his War Room podcast posted on Rumble. He mentioned that there are individuals who want Gaetz to be silenced, prevent him from participating in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), hinder his inquiries into Christopher Wray, and obstruct his leadership in the impeachment inquiry against Merrick Garland. The specific “they” Bannon referred to is unclear, told Newsweek.

Bannon, who gained national prominence as CEO of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, went on to express his support for Gaetz, referring to him as an American patriot and hero. He stated that McCarthy wouldn’t be able to take any action against Gaetz.

Political analyst Craig Agranoff commented on the situation, stating that the tension between McCarthy and Gaetz is detrimental to the Republican Party. Agranoff emphasized the importance of party unity and expressed doubt that McCarthy would heed Bannon’s warning, considering Bannon’s controversial reputation. Agranoff noted that McCarthy would need to address the issue himself to present a united front and increase the party’s chances of success in upcoming elections.

Bannon has been a strong advocate for Gaetz, particularly during McCarthy’s campaign for House speaker. Bannon hailed Gaetz as a “voice of reason” and the only member of Congress willing to challenge McCarthy. Bannon also criticized McCarthy for what he described as a “total surrender” to President Joe Biden regarding the country’s debt limit deal. Gaetz also voiced his opposition to the debt ceiling agreement negotiated between McCarthy and Biden, calling it “horrible.”

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