Stephanie McMahon ‘Secret Meeting’ With Big Name Leaks

 Stephanie McMahon ‘Secret Meeting’ With Big Name Leaks

Stephanie McMahon seems to be taking action to boost the TV ratings for Monday Night Raw as the ratings have been consistently falling. The ratings for this week’s edition slumped to an all-time record low and it’s very clear that the product is not what fans are expecting.

Stephanie is apparently eyeing to take some steps to draw the fans who have stopped watching the show.

WWE is set to have the fans back to the attendance in less than two weeks time as per reports there are plans on the table to bring in some big names as they begin the build to SummerSlam.John Cena ‘Removed’ From WWE SummerSlam?

Andrew Zarian noted on the Mat Men Podcast that Stephanie is set for a meeting at the end of this month to talk about some of the ideas that have been pitched by one of WWE’s TV partners.

Zarian said:

“I don’t know which network it was but somebody told me that Steph has a meeting with one of the networks at the end of the month for pitched ideas from the network. I don’t know if this is a common thing that they do or if this is a regular thing but I know that the networks are pitching ideas.”

Zarian also noted that some of the suggested concepts are the Raw Roulette and Legends Night. It is also to be noted that King of the Ring is also set for a return. We will how the talks progresses and what could be implemented to improve the ratings.

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