Sixth-Grader in Oklahoma Praised Twice In One Day for Heroism

 Sixth-Grader in Oklahoma Praised Twice In One Day for Heroism

Source: Facebook Muskogee Public Schools

‘He is just a kind soul and well-liked by his peers and staff alike…’

Law enforcement and school officials in Oklahoma hailed an Oklahoma sixth-grader twice on the same day for his brave acts.

Davyon Johnson of Muskogee conducted the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate who was choking on a bottle cap earlier this month. Later that day, the Muskogee Phoenix reported, he assisted a woman in escaping a burning house.

Davyon was named an honorary member of the Muskogee Police and Sheriff’s Departments at a Muskogee Board of Education meeting last week, according to the newspaper.

“I felt good, excited,” Davyon said about the honor.

Davyon was called a “dual hero” by Principal Latricia Dawkins, who said the recognition couldn’t have happened to a better individual.

“He is just a kind soul and well-liked by his peers and staff alike,” she said.

Source: Muskogee Public Schools (Facebook)

Dawkins reminisced about the episode that earned Davyon the award. She reported a pupil was trying to fill his water bottle with his lips and loosen the top. She stated that the cap had become stuck in his throat.

She said the choking student staggered into a neighboring classroom and ran into Davyon.

“Davyon immediately sprinted over and did the Heimlich maneuver,” Dawkins said. “From the account of the witnesses, when he did it the bottle cap popped out.”

As per Headlineusa, Davyon illustrated how he got behind the choking student, wrapped his arms over him and “burped him, kind of.”

Source: Muskogee Public Schools (Facebook)

Later that day, Davyon assisted a woman in evacuating her burning home.

“It was a disabled lady and she was walking out of her house,” Davyon said. “She was on her porch. But I thought, being a good citizen, I would cross and help her get into her truck and leave.”

He said the back of the house was on fire, “but it eventually got to the front of the house.”

Davyon said he learned to do the Heimlich maneuver on YouTube and said it is a valuable procedure to learn.
“Just in case you’re in the situation I was in, you can know what to do,” he said.

LaToya Johnson, Davyon’s mother, said she’s not shocked he acted the way he did. Her brother, Wendell Johnson, is an emergency medical technician, according to her.

“I’m just a proud mom,” she said.

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