Donald Trump Called a ‘Loser’ After Labeling President Joe Biden a ‘Dumb Son of a B—-‘

 Donald Trump Called a ‘Loser’ After Labeling President Joe Biden a ‘Dumb Son of a B—-‘

(Photo: Reuters)

At a 2024 presidential campaign rally held in Erie, Pennsylvania on July 29, the 77-year-old former president, Donald Trump, derogatorily referred to his Democratic adversary as “a dumb son of a b—-“. His remark came amidst assertions that his opponent was underperforming, claims that were met with enthusiastic applause from his supporters.

Before his disparaging comments about the current president, Trump shared his views on policy and border protection. He controversially claimed that “people from mental institutions, insane asylums,” “people from jails and prisons,” and “terrorists” were “invading” the country. He argued that many of these individuals were “mentally ill,” and were “emptied out” into the nation.

Trump contrasted these allegations with praises for other global leaders who, according to him, were “very street smart,” “know what they’re doing,” and was “at the top of their game.” His harsh critique of Biden, however, sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter.

Some Twitter users responded sarcastically to his comments, others branded him a “loser,” while still, others criticized his speech for creating a fictitious narrative where he portrayed himself as the hero. Some suggested that Trump was unwittingly describing himself in his critique.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Trump has attacked Biden in this manner. Earlier this month, he criticized Biden in an interview, referring to him as “a stone cold crook,” “a common thief,” “a lowlife,” and “a very stupid person.”

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