Rudy Giuliani Might Flip After Trump Stiffs Him On Legal Bills

 Rudy Giuliani Might Flip After Trump Stiffs Him On Legal Bills

REUTERS/Amr Alfiky

Rudy Giuliani, once a close ally to former President Trump, is currently facing significant legal bills. When Giuliani sought Trump’s financial assistance, reports suggest Trump declined. Given Giuliani’s central role in various endeavors associated with the Trump administration, there are speculations about the potential implications if he were to cooperate with prosecutors. Some believe that Giuliani’s knowledge and possible evidence could significantly impact Trump. The extent to which Giuliani might influence any investigations involving Trump remains to be seen.

CNN reported:

Giuliani’s trip to Mar-a-Lago, which has not been previously reported, indicates the level of financial stress that he has been facing for months as his legal troubles have continued to pile up.

But what has surprised those in Trump’s inner circle is the former president’s unwillingness to pay for Giuliani’s bills, given Giuliani could find himself under intense pressure to cooperate with the federal and state prosecutors who have charged Trump.

Giuliani sat down voluntarily with special counsel Jack Smith’s investigators this summer, and he was indicted this week in Georgia by the Fulton County district attorney. “It’s not a smart idea” for Trump to refuse to pay Giuliani’s legal fees, one person close to the situation told CNN.

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