Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss Pursue Further Legal Action Against Rudy Giuliani Following $148 Million Verdict

 Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss Pursue Further Legal Action Against Rudy Giuliani Following $148 Million Verdict

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Following their recent legal victory, where they secured a substantial $148 million jury verdict against Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, for damaging their reputations, Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss have launched another legal action.

Just days after their triumph, they initiated a new lawsuit against Giuliani, with the primary objective of obtaining an injunction to prevent further defamation and reputational harm. This lawsuit was prompted by comments made by Giuliani during and after the trial, leading to allegations of ongoing defamation.

In the aftermath of the jury’s decision, which awarded Freeman and Moss significant sums for defamation and emotional distress, Giuliani announced his intention to appeal the verdict. Freeman received $16,171,000 for defamation and $20 million for emotional distress, while Moss was granted $16,998,000 for defamation and $20 million for emotional distress, as reported by Yahoo News.

However, their latest legal pursuit is not focused on monetary damages. Instead, they aim to seek coverage for attorneys’ fees and the costs associated with the lawsuit. Their testimonies during the trial shed light on how the unfounded conspiracy theories had profoundly disrupted their lives.

US District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington had previously held Giuliani accountable in August for defaming Freeman and Moss, ruling that his promotion of false allegations accusing them of tampering with ballot counting had been harmful.

Subsequently, a jury trial was convened to determine the extent of damages owed to the plaintiffs. Giuliani, despite expressing his intention to testify publicly, chose not to take the stand during the damages trial. Furthermore, immediately following the verdict, Giuliani made statements outside the courthouse, remaining unapologetic and expressing no remorse for his actions.

Over the course of two emotionally charged days, Freeman and Moss provided testimony that vividly illustrated the emotional toll and severe consequences wrought by Giuliani’s baseless claims, as reported by WION. Freeman shared her traumatic experience of receiving a barrage of threats, including racist and menacing messages, which left her profoundly shaken.

Moss, too, bore the visible emotional scars, conveying feelings of helplessness while recounting the ordeal. Their narratives powerfully depicted the distressing aftermath of the false statements propagated by Giuliani.

Meanwhile, according to Radar Online, Donald Trump expressed sympathy for Rudy Giuliani, stating, “I think it’s so sad, what’s happened to Rudy. He’s a great patriot, he’s the greatest mayor in the history of New York. I think it’s a very, very unfair situation.” Trump did not disclose any plans regarding potential financial support for Giuliani’s legal expenses amid the ongoing legal challenges faced by both individuals.

Simultaneously, during his remarks, the former President took the opportunity to criticize President Joe Biden, emphasizing his stance on various issues, particularly regarding Israel and Iran. Trump asserted that Biden had been an inadequate ally to Israel due to policies related to Iran’s economic prosperity.

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