“This Legally Disqualifies Him” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Faces Ballot Challenges in Nevada

 “This Legally Disqualifies Him” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Faces Ballot Challenges in Nevada

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A decision by Colorado will have a significant impact on the ballot in Nevada, explained legal analyst Allison Gill. The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not appear on the ballot as an Independent but as a Libertarian. According to Gill, this presents a problem.

“This legally disqualifies him from appearing on the Nevada ballot as an independent. You can’t be a Libertarian on another state ballot and be independent on the Nevada ballot. Democrats have sued over this,” said Gill, writing under her nom de plume “MuellerSheWrote.”

Kennedy expressed his gratitude towards the Libertarian Party of Colorado and its chair, Hannah Goodman, for their support. “Thank you, Libertarian Party of Colorado and Chair Hannah Goodman, for your visionary leadership in defense of freedom,” Kennedy said in a news release on his campaign news site. “Together, we will win the White House and steadfastly protect the Bill of Rights, the First and Second Amendments, and all the foundational liberties they secure.”

The decision has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Respondents on the platform X made jokes about Kennedy being a “con” who “was caught.” Another user asked if “the worm [can] run separately,” referring to a bizarre claim in Kennedy’s divorce proceedings that he was unable to make any money because he had a worm eat part of his brain.

National security expert Marcy Wheeler added to the controversy by asking, “Was it sexually assaulting the nanny that made him into a Libertarian or eating a puppy?” This attack references a recent question posed to Kennedy about allegations that he sexually assaulted his babysitter. When asked to confirm or deny the allegations, Kennedy described himself as a “rambunctious youth” and claimed, “I am who I am.”

He reiterated this sentiment on the streaming show “Breaking Points,” saying, “Listen, I’ve said this from the beginning: I am not a church boy.” On the same day, a photo surfaced of Kennedy smiling and about to take a bite out of an animal that a Vanity Fair report said was a dog. Kennedy later told Fox that the animal was not a dog but a goat.

These developments complicate Kennedy’s campaign and highlight the legal and personal challenges he faces. The Colorado decision not only disqualifies him from running as an Independent in Nevada but also brings increased scrutiny to his past behavior and current affiliations. As the legal battles unfold, Kennedy’s ability to maintain his campaign momentum will be tested.

The situation underscores the complexities of ballot qualifications and the broader implications for candidates switching party affiliations. The legal challenges and social media backlash reflect the heightened scrutiny and controversy surrounding Kennedy’s campaign.

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