“I think the deposition transcript speaks for itself’ Former Acting Attorney General Questions Hunter Biden’s Testimony

 “I think the deposition transcript speaks for itself’ Former Acting Attorney General Questions Hunter Biden’s Testimony

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

According to a report from Newsmax released, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has cast doubt on the credibility of Hunter Biden’s recent congressional testimony.

Whitaker expressed skepticism regarding Hunter Biden’s claims that he was under the influence of substances while exchanging text messages with a business associate and denied any involvement by President Joe Biden in his business affairs, stating that they do not align with the available evidence.

“It’s not favorable for the Biden family because the evidence doesn’t support most of the narrative that he attempted to present. All signs point to Joe Biden being aware of his son’s activities. As the president, he has been misleading the American public about his knowledge of Hunter’s actions,” Whitaker remarked, implying that Joe Biden may not have been forthcoming about his awareness of his son’s conduct.

Whitaker emphasized the importance of scrutinizing the flow of money in this controversy, particularly the significant sums passing through various business entities associated with the Bidens. He noted that while several members of the Biden family reportedly benefited from these financial transactions, there is a lack of evidence suggesting direct financial gain for Joe Biden himself.

“I think the deposition transcript speaks for itself. It’s pretty obvious to me that Hunter Biden avoided the tough questions, but the evidence is pretty clear as to what was happening,” he asserted.

The former acting Attorney General also criticized House Democrats for their swift defense of Hunter Biden and their attempts to shape the narrative surrounding his testimony, asserting that the deposition transcript speaks for itself and raises questions about the credibility of Hunter Biden’s responses.

Whitaker further highlighted discrepancies between Hunter Biden’s statements and the testimony provided by individuals like Tony Bobulinsky, suggesting that Joe Biden may have assisted his son in his business endeavors.

He stressed the importance of investigating where the money went and whether there is evidence to suggest that Joe Biden personally profited from his son’s business dealings, indicating that House Republicans should pursue every lead to ascertain the truth.

“I think it’s pretty obvious why,” he suggested.

“You don’t want him to be contradicted with evidence and his testimony in front of the American people. But, you know, the House needs to run this to the ground; run out every lead; figure out who’s credible, who’s not credible, and what the evidence demonstrates; and then make a decision.”

As the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s business activities continues to unfold, Whitaker’s insights shed light on the complex legal and political dimensions of the issue, underscoring the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing allegations of impropriety.

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