The US Has Never Had A President Defend Clean Energy Like Joe Biden

 The US Has Never Had A President Defend Clean Energy Like Joe Biden

Source: ABC News

President Biden recently highlighted the potential of clean energy, drawing attention to the significance of wind towers and dispelling misconceptions.

“When I mention wind towers, many are left puzzled. But these structures, essential for wind energy, boast blades that stretch longer than a football field,” Biden remarked during his address, emphasizing that they don’t cause health issues like cancer. Furthermore, he underscored the cost-effectiveness of wind and solar energy compared to traditional fossil fuels.

It’s rare to hear a US president expressly state the dual benefits of clean energy — being both healthier and more affordable. Biden further accentuated that his commitment to fostering clean energy manufacturing will generate quality job opportunities.

Historically, many presidents have been cautious about criticizing fossil fuels or appearing overly supportive of clean energy. However, the notion that the US must choose between clean energy and fossil fuels is misplaced. A balanced approach fosters free market competition, which invariably benefits consumers. The reluctance from the fossil fuel sector to embrace clean energy might stem from its competitive pricing and health benefits.

Beyond being the oldest president in US history, Biden is shaping up to be one of the most visionary when it comes to a sustainable future.

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