“Youthful Looks and Aging Gracefully” Plastic Surgeon Analyzes Biden and Trump

 “Youthful Looks and Aging Gracefully” Plastic Surgeon Analyzes Biden and Trump

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If there’s one thing that both presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, share, it’s their good looks. While their personalities are starkly different, both the former and current presidents were undeniably handsome in their youth. However, as Trump approaches his late 70s and Biden his early 80s, a Hollywood plastic surgeon has analyzed their physical features to shed light on how they’ve aged.

A top Beverly Hills cosmetologist told the Daily Mail that Biden has reportedly undergone more cosmetic procedures than his political rival Trump, who is apparently aging ‘more naturally’ than the Democrat. The contentious debate on June 27, 2024, has intensified scrutiny of Biden’s physical and mental agility, with visible signs of aging prompting a closer look at his fitness.

This renewed focus on the POTUS led another board-certified plastic surgeon to reveal that Biden, the oldest serving president in U.S. history, has likely had several procedures to counteract aging, spending nearly $160,000 on multiple facelifts over the years. According to Dr. Gary Motykie, who runs a medical spa in West Hollywood favored by many A-list celebrities, Biden has probably had an eye lift and brow work done. However, these changes have given him a slightly more ‘feminine’ appearance.

On the other hand, Trump, who is three years younger than Biden, seems to have undergone fewer cosmetic procedures. Dr. Motykie estimates that the 78-year-old GOP frontrunner has spent around $100,000 on cosmetic enhancements, with a major focus on hair reconstruction surgery. His neck and jawline appear natural, while his distinct orange skin tone results from tanning and makeup.

“Two things will age a man: his neck and his hair,” the surgeon noted. “Trump battled with his hair for a while, and I do think he’s had multiple hair restoration surgeries. Throughout the years, you can see it changing, and the way his hair parts and flows suggests he is trying to disguise it. I suspect he had an older technique done 30 years or more ago.”

Dr. Motykie also explained that Trump’s comb-over hairstyle is a method to cover up scarring from his hair restoration. “That’s why we see the comb-over hairstyle. I think he had one of the older hair restoration techniques back in the day, which comes with some scarring. The hair can be oriented unnaturally, so they have to part it a certain way to hide the scar.”

Supporting these claims, Trump’s late wife, Ivana Trump, mentioned in a 1990 divorce deposition that her former husband allegedly sexually assaulted her due to the pain from his hair scalp reduction surgery in 1989. Though she later retracted these allegations, they add a layer of complexity to Trump’s cosmetic history, as reported by HuffPost.

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