Stimulus Check: Pennsylvania Pushing For Direct Payment of $2000

Pennsylvania is in favor of a $2,000 stimulus check.

In February 2022, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf submitted a $1.7 billion proposal.

Pennsylvanians will receive a $2,000 check as part of Wolf’s deal. The $2,000 cash will go toward utilities, groceries, and gas for the residents.

“Pennsylvanians should not have to choose between paying for utilities or groceries, childcare or gas. We have the opportunity and the means to ensure they’re not struggling, to ensure their success,” Wolf said in a statement.

“I’m asking the General Assembly to unite across aisles on this for the sake of every Pennsylvanian for when they succeed, our commonwealth succeeds. Let’s get this money out of our coffers and into the pockets of Pennsylvanians.”

Who supports the bill?

As per Senate Bill 1204 and House Bill 2531 are two bills proposed by Senate and House Democrats in favor of Governor Wolf’s initiative.

“Times are tough right now as prices have gone up on everything from gas to groceries, and I’m here to talk about solutions,” Wolf said.

“I support long-term solutions to better support working families, like raising the minimum wage, but I’m also proposing a solution to help Pennsylvanians get back on their feet right now.”

Who is eligible for the $2,000 direct payment?

The $2,000 stimulus will be available to all Pennsylvanians making $80,000 or less.

“The program aims to help families still recovering economically from the COVID-19 pandemic or support them with covering pandemic-related costs and managing the current, everyday increasing cost of living,” Wolf said in a press release.

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