Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Trump’s False Claims Regarding January 6

 Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Trump’s False Claims Regarding January 6

Source: sputniknews

In a recent appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show on Monday, February 12, Nancy Pelosi aimed at Donald Trump, rebuking his unfounded allegations that she bore responsibility for the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack and his repeated misidentification of her as a political adversary Nikki Haley.

The journalist interjected, “You’re actually on tape that your daughter happened to be filming on that day, where you are trying to get the National Guard or the military to send troops to the Capitol.”

Pelosi, along with Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, expressed their request for military assistance, with Pelosi stating, “We pleaded with the Secretary of Army.

We pleaded with him to appeal to the secretary of defense. ‘Oh, it’s going to take a long time. I have to go talk to my boss.’ All of that.”

Pelosi’s response to Trump’s claims was a topic of discussion during the interview when Cooper played a clip of him as reported by OK Magazine.

She also highlighted the unique situation of the District of Columbia, “What’s so sad is the District of Columbia, unlike any state in the Union, the head of the District of Columbia does not have the authority to call up the National Guard. It has to be from the executive branch. And they know they didn’t do it.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused former President Donald Trump of attempting to deflect blame for the January 6th Capitol riot. She stated, 

“Now they try to turn it around. But that’s the story of his presidency always projecting his failures and then trying to put it onto somebody else”.

Pelosi also lamented the impact of the riot, describing it as “It’s a sad situation for our country because he’s been a national security risk.

He was a personal risk that day for so many, people were injured, hundreds, over 100 police officers, and law enforcement people were injured. Some people died.”

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