Obama Stays on the Sidelines, Choosing Not to Campaign for Joe Biden Due to Strategic Considerations

 Obama Stays on the Sidelines, Choosing Not to Campaign for Joe Biden Due to Strategic Considerations

Barack Obama and Joe Biden sharing a laugh. / PHOTO: Associated Press

Former President Barack Obama has chosen not to take an active role in campaigning for President Joe Biden, a decision rooted in multiple strategic considerations, as reported by CBS News on December 28.

Key among these reasons is Obama’s intent to maintain the unity of the Democratic Party. He believes that an early endorsement of Biden could potentially cause divisions within the party, weakening its overall strength in the general election.

During his presidency, Biden frequently referenced Obama’s legacy, yet Obama has maintained a distance in terms of public support. This restraint is seen as part of a larger strategy to ensure the party rallies around its final nominee without the influence of his endorsement.

The relationship between Obama and Biden, who served together for eight years, adds complexity to the situation. Notably, Obama’s support for Biden in 2020 was less pronounced compared to his enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016. This subdued support has been a subject of discussion among political observers.

While Obama has actively raised funds for Biden, appearing at virtual fundraisers and supporting down-ballot Democrats, he has strategically focused more on supporting candidates lower on the ticket rather than directly endorsing Biden.

Obama’s planned appearance in Miami to campaign for Biden is an exception, but it aligns with his broader approach of bolstering the Democratic Party as a whole, rather than centering on the presidential race alone.

Additionally, the criticism faced by Biden from fellow Democrats during the primaries, as well as Obama’s own experiences of intra-party criticism, may have influenced his decision to take a step back.

In summary, Barack Obama’s measured approach to supporting Joe Biden’s campaign is a complex blend of factors, including a desire to maintain party unity, the nuances of his relationship with Biden, a focus on strengthening the party’s broader base, and an awareness of internal party dynamics.

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