Obama Remains Silent on Claudine Gay’s Resignation as Harvard President Amid Efforts to Preserve Her Position

 Obama Remains Silent on Claudine Gay’s Resignation as Harvard President Amid Efforts to Preserve Her Position

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Former President Barack Obama has reportedly been involved behind the scenes in efforts to retain Claudine Gay as Harvard University’s president but has remained silent since her resignation announcement caused a stir on social media.

Gay, whose presidency at Harvard was the shortest in the university’s history, stepped down following a controversial congressional appearance addressing antisemitism and the safety of Jewish students on campus. Sources told Jewish Insider that Obama, himself a Harvard alum, had privately advocated for Gay amidst the turmoil.

Reports suggest that Obama’s efforts were part of a broader initiative to maintain stability within the university’s administration. Despite these efforts, Gay announced her decision to resign, while choosing to continue as a faculty member.

Obama’s office has not responded to requests for comment from Fox News Digital regarding his purported involvement.

In her resignation letter, Gay expressed the difficulty of her decision, acknowledging the challenges Harvard faces and her intention to prioritize the university’s needs over individual interests.

Her tenure ended abruptly after a Congressional testimony where she struggled to respond to questions from GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik about condemning genocide against Jewish people. The testimony followed rising concerns about antisemitism at American universities.

Following her appearance before Congress, Gay was embroiled in plagiarism allegations, with nearly 50 instances cited, including claims from a 2001 article where she allegedly used material verbatim from another scholar. These allegations added to the pressure leading to her resignation.

Indiana GOP Rep. Jim Banks commented on the situation, suggesting a political victory for Stefanik and a loss for Obama. Stefanik criticized the lack of apology in Gay’s resignation and the Harvard Corporation’s statement for the testimony and failure to protect Jewish students, hinting at a larger reckoning ahead.

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