Obama Reportedly Warned Biden of Trump Rematch During Private June Meeting

 Obama Reportedly Warned Biden of Trump Rematch During Private June Meeting

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

A new report has revealed that former US President Barack Obama has pledged his full support to President Joe Biden’s potential second-term bid while also expressing concerns about Donald Trump’s potential run in the 2024 election. The two former running mates met privately over lunch at the White House in June, during which they discussed numerous political, policy, and personal issues.

Sources familiar with the meeting revealed that Obama highlighted his anxieties about Trump’s significant following, his stronghold over the Republican party, the increasing polarization within the country, and the fervor of conservative media that rallies behind him.

Although the meeting had no specific agenda, insiders noted that Obama committed to using all his influence to ensure Biden’s re-election. This meeting was seen as a regular catch-up between the two, but the conversation reportedly gravitated towards Obama’s worries regarding Trump’s sustained sway over the Republican party and his core supporter base.

Recent polls validate Obama’s concerns about the 2024 electoral landscape. Biden’s approval ratings currently hover around 39%, and with Trump maintaining a strong lead among his fellow Republicans, a tightly contested rematch between Biden and Trump could be on the horizon. A recent poll even suggests a hypothetical tie at 43% each for Biden and Trump in a 2024 face-off.

Interestingly, one poll discovered that certain voters might be inclined to vote for Biden, not necessarily because they approve of his performance, but due to their vehement disapproval of Trump. John Wittman, a Phoenix-based Republican contractor, declared, “Donald Trump is not a Republican, he’s a criminal,” indicating his willingness to vote for Biden despite disapproving of his economic policies, solely to avoid a Trump presidency.

Obama, gearing up to campaign and fundraise for Biden, is set to host a fundraiser later in August at Martha’s Vineyard to benefit the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. His fundraising efforts for Biden will kick off in earnest this fall.

TJ Ducklo, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, commented, “President Biden is grateful for his unwavering support, and looks forward to once again campaigning side-by-side with President Obama to win in 2024 and finish the job for the American people.”

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