Barack Obama Emerges as Crucial Figure in Biden Investigation Drama!

 Barack Obama Emerges as Crucial Figure in Biden Investigation Drama!

Picture: Reuters

Last month, the National Archives admitted it had more than 5,000 pseudonymous emails from Joe Biden. The House Oversight Committee wants to review these emails, which are suspected of containing proof that these accounts were being used to send sensitive government information to his son Hunter Biden.

Others must believe that there is damaging information contained in these emails because, according to Jonathan Turley, Barack Obama is being called upon to “bail Biden out” of this situation. Turley explains that under the Presidential Records Act, Obama “has 30 days to bar the release of the emails and to help shield his former vice president in a growing corruption scandal over the influence-peddling operation run by Biden’s son, Hunter.”

Recently, it was learned that Joe Biden went by a variety of code names and false names, including Robin Ware. Robert L. Peters, JRB Ware, Celtic and “The Big Guy.” House investigators believe that may only be a partial list. For many Americans, it is understandably unnerving to learn that their president has more aliases than Anthony Weiner. However, while the number seems unusual, the practice is not unprecedented.

Top officials have used such aliases in the past for emails, including former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. During the Obama administration, the practice was defended by then-White House press secretary Jay Carney, who assured the public that any such emails would still be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and congressional inquiries. He added, “We do not use and should not use private email accounts for work.”

The problem is that there was “work” being discussed on some of these emails, including official foreign travel plans and the hiring of associates of Hunter for high-level positions. More importantly, some emails are relevant to the clients of Biden’s son. Biden has previously lied that he knew nothing of these dealings, but these emails could reveal even more about his knowledge and involvement.

This situation naturally puts Barack Obama in a rather huge pickle. By barring the release of these emails, Obama becomes irrefutably tied to both the scandal and the cover-up of Biden’s corruption. Obama may not be particularly concerned about protecting Joe Biden, but should he bar the release of the emails, it will raise questions about whether he is doing so to protect himself as well. As we’ve previously reported, there’s little reason to believe that Obama wasn’t aware of what his vice president was up to.

In fact, the Obama White House reportedly cleared Hunter Biden to serve on the board of Burisma. Back in 2019, I noted that Biden had effectively turned his own corruption into another Obama scandal and that by running for president again, he might take Obama down with him. Now Obama is in a tough spot with potentially no winning option: bar the release of those emails and play a role in the cover-up, or do nothing and potentially expose his own role in Biden’s corruption.

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