Nikki Haley Super PAC Stirs Controversy with Times Square Ad Labeling Trump ‘Grumpy’ and Biden ‘Confused

 Nikki Haley Super PAC Stirs Controversy with Times Square Ad Labeling Trump ‘Grumpy’ and Biden ‘Confused

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A Super PAC supporting Nikki Haley, with backing from a member of the Bush family, has unveiled a digital billboard ad in Times Square that takes jabs at former President Donald Trump and President Biden.

The advertisement, prominently displayed on Broadway and 43rd Streets, is funded by a group called Independents Moving the Needle. Co-founded by New Hampshire billionaire scientist Frank Laukien and healthcare tech executive Jonathan Bush, a cousin of former President George W. Bush, the organization aims to promote Haley among independent voters.

The digital billboard, appearing every 8 minutes, portrays Trump with a stern expression labeled as “grumpy,” followed by an image of Biden looking “confused.” The ad then features a smiling picture of Haley with text urging voters to support her in the Republican presidential primary.

Despite the high-profile advertisement, a representative from the Trump campaign dismissed Haley as a “loser candidate,” suggesting she would have more success panhandling dressed as Spiderman in Times Square.

However, when questioned by the New York Post about the prominent position, a Trump campaign representative made fun of Haley.

Jonathan Bush, apart from his ties to the Bush family, previously served as CEO of the healthcare tech company Athenahealth. He was ousted in 2018 following allegations of domestic abuse and regrets expressed over past incidents. Currently leading Zus Health, another healthcare tech firm, Bush co-founded Independents Moving the Needle to bolster Haley’s candidacy.

Despite facing setbacks in previous primaries and caucuses, including in her home state of South Carolina, Haley and her supporters remain undeterred. Despite nearly $100 million spent on her campaign, Haley has yet to secure a victory, with Republican voters largely favoring Trump.

As sixteen states and territories prepare for the Super Tuesday primary and caucuses on March 5, Independents Moving the Needle continues to advocate for Haley’s candidacy, likening her underdog status to the revolutionary spirit of the Boston Tea Party. The group has invested approximately $2 million in promoting Haley’s campaign, emphasizing the need for alternatives to Trump and Biden.

Characterizing both Trump and Biden as unfit for office, the group criticizes Trump for fostering chaos and litigation and suggests Biden’s mental state has declined. It warns against a second term for either candidate, emphasizing the need for a leader capable of addressing pressing issues such as inflation, illegal immigration, and bureaucratic inefficiency while upholding American values abroad.

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