“I just got one more I’ve got to catch up to” Nikki Haley Stands Firm in Presidential Bid Amid Criticism of Trump and GOP Policies

 “I just got one more I’ve got to catch up to” Nikki Haley Stands Firm in Presidential Bid Amid Criticism of Trump and GOP Policies

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At a recent rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley passionately declared her unwavering commitment to her campaign for the presidency, citing a compelling reason: the overwhelming majority of Americans’ desire for new leadership. Haley highlighted that as long as 70% of the population expresses a clear preference against the return of either former President Trump or President Biden to office, she feels a strong obligation to continue her pursuit of the nation’s highest office.

In the lead-up to the critical South Carolina primary on February 24, where Haley is set to compete directly with Trump, she has been vigorously campaigning across the state. Despite her previous role as Trump’s U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and as the former governor of South Carolina, Haley did not shy away from asserting her superior suitability for the presidency compared to Trump, Fox News reported.

She shared her journey of overcoming challenges in a crowded field of candidates, emphasizing her resilience and determination by saying,

“We had 14 people in the race. We defeated a dozen of the fellas. I just got one more I’ve got to catch up to,” Haley said. “Everybody’s telling me, why don’t you just get out. I will never give up.”

Haley’s narrative of her campaign’s progress was both inspiring and revealing. She recounted her initial polling at a mere 2% in Iowa, only to surge to nearly second place with 20% of the vote. She then boasted a significant victory in New Hampshire, securing 43% of the vote, a result that seemingly took Trump by surprise and provoked a strong reaction from him.

She vividly described Trump’s response to her New Hampshire success as an “unhinged” temper tantrum, fixating on trivial matters and even resorting to personal attacks. Trump’s subsequent threats to ostracize her supporters from the MAGA movement were highlighted by Haley as an example of his divisive approach, contrasting it with the more inclusive strategy she believes is essential during election campaigns.

“We don’t anoint kings in America,” Haley said. “Then we went and saw his campaign disclosures, and that’s when we saw he spent $50 million of his campaign contributions on his personal court cases.”

Throughout her speech, Haley did not limit her criticism to Trump alone; she also directed it toward the broader Republican Party, holding it accountable for the nation’s staggering $34 trillion debt. She pointed out Trump’s significant contribution to this debt during his tenure and criticized the lack of accountability in the massive COVID stimulus package.

Moreover, Haley accused Trump of undermining the United States’ commitments to NATO allies and of exhibiting undue favoritism towards authoritarian figures like Russian President Vladimir Putin, even at the expense of American values and security.

“All he did was talk about himself, and that’s a problem,” she said. “This isn’t about him.”

Haley also took digs at the Republican Party, placing the blame for the country’s $34 trillion debt not just on Biden, but also on Republicans, blaming Trump for putting the country into $8 trillion debt in just four years, and pointing to the $2.2 trillion COVID stimulus bill that was passed “with no accountability.”

In a particularly poignant moment, Haley shared a personal attack by Trump on her husband’s military service, a move she interpreted as disrespectful to all service members. This, she argued, illustrated Trump’s disconnect from the values and experiences of veterans.

Haley’s speech in Rock Hill was not just a campaign update; it was a comprehensive critique of Trump’s leadership and a call to action for a united and forward-looking Republican Party. She positioned herself as a candidate who not only understands the challenges facing America but also possesses the resolve and vision to address them effectively.

“The closest he’s come to harm’s way is a golf ball hitting him on his golf course,” she said.

In her final plea to those in attendance, Haley told the crowd to vote early, volunteer, and donate.

And when she said she would never give up, she went on to explain why.

“Why would I give up when 70% of Americans have said they don’t want Trump or Biden in this election? Why would I give up when 59% of Americans say Donald Trump is too old and Joe Biden is too old,” she asked. “Why would I give up when the majority of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden and a majority of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump? It is time we finally have a new generational conservative leader.”

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