Nikki Haley’s Unexpected Challenge Throws Trump for a Loop in Colorado Ballot Controversy

 Nikki Haley’s Unexpected Challenge Throws Trump for a Loop in Colorado Ballot Controversy

Photo Credit: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

In a resolute statement, GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley asserted her confidence in overcoming Donald Trump in the presidential race, despite a recent Colorado Supreme Court decision to exclude Trump from the state’s primary ballot.

Speaking on Fox News, Haley declared, “I am fully capable of defeating Donald Trump by myself. I don’t require judicial intervention to remove him from the ballot. I firmly believe that I am the better candidate for the presidency, and that our nation would prosper under my leadership.”

Haley also voiced her disapproval of the court’s decision, labeling it as “inconceivable” and a “menace to democratic principles,” criticizing the judges for unilaterally deciding ballot eligibility.

Haley’s bold assertion of victory comes amidst a notable surge in her poll standings. Recent surveys show her closing the gap with Trump in New Hampshire, an important early-voting state, where she is now 15 points behind. Nationally, she has reached a tie for second place with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a Quinnipiac poll, though both trail significantly behind Trump.

Trump’s recent campaign ad targeting Haley, focusing on her past support for a gas tax during her tenure as South Carolina governor, suggests he views her as a significant competitor.

Adding to Trump’s campaign challenges, the Colorado Supreme Court’s removal of Trump from the ballot — based on an amendment disqualifying individuals who pledged to uphold the Constitution and then engaged in insurrection — represents another hurdle. Trump’s team is planning to challenge this ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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