“I Will Be Voting for Trump” Nikki Haley Backs Former Rival Despite Previous Criticisms

 “I Will Be Voting for Trump” Nikki Haley Backs Former Rival Despite Previous Criticisms

Photo Credit: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley made a surprising political pivot on Wednesday, declaring her intention to support former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election, despite their contentious past interactions. CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins reported the news on X, noting Haley’s commitment to align with the Republican party’s presumptive nominee.

“I will be voting for Trump,” Haley stated, confirming her allegiance while referencing her previous criticisms of Trump. “Having said that, I stand by what I said in my suspension speech.” Haley had suspended her presidential campaign in March following a series of defeats on Super Tuesday, during which she had called on Trump to do more to engage her base of supporters.

Collins highlighted that Haley reiterated her concerns about Trump’s outreach. “She notes Trump hasn’t reached out to the voters who supported her,” Collins wrote, pointing out that Haley’s supporters continue to show their loyalty by voting for her in significant numbers in ongoing primaries. Notably, Haley secured 20 percent of the votes in Maryland’s recent Republican primary, an outcome political analysts have described as “devastatingly bad news for Trump”, told CBS News.

Trump’s relationship with Haley has been fraught with personal attacks, especially during their competition for the 2024 presidential ticket. The former president has targeted Haley, born Nimrata, with derogatory nicknames such as “Nimrada” and “Nimbra,” seemingly emphasizing her Indian heritage in a derogatory manner.

The reaction to Haley’s decision has been sharply critical among some Republican commentators. Republican pollster Sarah Longwell labeled Haley a “pathetic coward” following her announcement. Tara Setmayer, a former Republican strategist, was particularly scathing in her critique. “Welp…as predicted, Nikki Haley has sold her soul to a lunatic who despises everything she claimed to stand for as a woman, child of immigrants, military wife, and a supporter of democracy,” Setmayer expressed on social media.

Setmayer condemned Haley’s choice as a surrender to political opportunism. “She is the quintessential craven political clout chaser who will clearly say or do anything for political relevance. Haley had an opportunity to be a leader in the resistance and she chose the dark side. Again. Pathetic,” she added.

Haley’s endorsement of Trump marks a significant, albeit controversial, reconciliation with a figure she has both supported and criticized throughout her political career, underscoring the complex dynamics within the Republican Party as it approaches the next presidential election.

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