Nancy Pelosi Has Totally Triggered Trump

 Nancy Pelosi Has Totally Triggered Trump

J. Scott Applewhite / AP file

Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, characterized Trump as appearing like a “scared puppy,” leading Trump to respond vehemently. He took to Truth Social to express his outrage.

On Truth Social, Trump stated, “I refrained from commenting on a peculiar story Nancy Pelosi shared about her husband. However, she recently made a remark about me, saying she saw a ‘scared puppy’ when watching me on TV. Contrary to her view, I wasn’t frightened. Regardless, it was an unkind remark.

I perceive her as vindictive, suggesting her husband’s miseries begin and end with her. She will eventually face her own reckoning.”

Pelosi’s original comment on MSNBC was, “Observing him, especially when he alighted from his car, he resembled a scared puppy. He appeared deeply worried. There was a clear absence of confidence. He’s aware of the reality – he lost the election, and now he’s confronting the consequences.”

Nancy Pelosi, now a representative for California, highlighted what many believe: Trump seems increasingly anxious. His frequent posts about relocating his 1/6 trial out of Washington, DC, reveal his concerns about a possible conviction related to the election overturn attempt. The defense team has yet to provide evidence supporting his innocence.

There have been whispers about Trump’s fear of imprisonment, and it’s often said the best way to avoid such a fate is to abstain from illegal activities.

The tension between Trump and Pelosi is evident. Trump has often shown discomfort around assertive women, and Pelosi stands out as a formidable figure in American politics. It’s clear that her observations about him on national television touched a nerve.

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