‘What’s-His-Name?’ Nancy Pelosi Appears to Forget Donald Trump’s Name

 ‘What’s-His-Name?’ Nancy Pelosi Appears to Forget Donald Trump’s Name

Source: sputniknews

In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN about the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave the appearance of forgetting former President Donald Trump’s name. The interview focused on US President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ eagerness to eliminate the filibuster to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The bill is designed to improve federal oversight over changes in state laws that could disenfranchise voters.

In the interview, US Speaker of the House Pelosi noted that “the most important vote right now in the Congress of the United States is the vote to respect the sanctity of the vote, the fundamental basis of our democracy. So, if there were one vote that the filibuster could enable to go forward, that would be the vote, and enable so much more, because we’re talking about stopping the suppression of the vote and the nullification of the elections”.

After Pelosi communicated her desire to eliminate the filibuster, her brain may have filibustered her mouth from saying the name “Donald Trump”, as she noted that “when what’s-his-name was president and the Republicans were in power, Mitch McConnell pulled back the filibuster with simple majorities”.

Jake Tapper, was quick to remind her of what the “what’s-his-name” name was, helpfully chiming in with the answer, “Donald Trump”. Pelosi has a history of mixing up names or forgetting them altogether. In 2018, she confused Donald Trump with George W. Bush and called George Floyd, George Kirby.

Pelosi also infamously forgot George Floyd’s name in 2020 when discussing Democrats’ efforts to pass police reform legislation.

“And I said ‘I’ll recommend that to the Judiciary Committee and to the Congressional Black Caucus who have shaped the bill, but I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George Kirby’s name,’ and he said it is, and so we’re very proud, we’re very proud to carry that,” Pelosi said.

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