MSNBC Anchor Mocked As ‘Shamelessly Neurotic’ and ‘Embarrassing’ For Referring Herself As ‘Fauci Groupie’

 MSNBC Anchor Mocked As ‘Shamelessly Neurotic’ and ‘Embarrassing’ For Referring Herself As ‘Fauci Groupie’

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Nicolle Wallace: I wear masks everywhere ‘except when I sit down

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC was mocked this week for referring to herself as “Fauci groupie” in reference to White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s devotion.

Wallace branded herself a “Fauci groupie” and passionately rattled off her devotion to public health measures in a conversation about an increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations on Monday, claiming she wears a mask “everywhere.”

“I’m a Fauci groupie,” Wallace said. “I’m thrice-vaccinated, mask adherent. I buy KN95 masks by the, you know, caseload. They’re in every pocket. I wear them everywhere except when I sit down.”

Viewers criticized her, calling her “neurotic” and suggesting she belonged to a “cult.”

“It is impossible to overstate how much it has influenced US Covid policy that many of the people with the largest platforms in the corporate press either are (or insist on acting) shamelessly neurotic,” conservative commentator Drew Holden tweeted.

“This is incredibly embarrassing and humiliating. Imagine pledging loyalty to Fauci in this pathetic fashion on live TV,” the Daily Caller’s David Hookstead said.

Some social media users questioned Wallace’s logic in saying she only takes off her mask when she sits down.

Since arriving on the scene at the commencement of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Fauci’s supporters in the liberal media have elevated him to celebrity status. Fauci has stated that he does not desire the title, although he has given interviews to high-profile outlets and TV shows, and he even appeared on the cover of InStyle in July 2020 lounging by a pool.

Similarly, the New York Times gushed about a National Geographic documentary about his HIV/AIDS efforts. Fauci was hailed as a “movie star” by The New York Times, who lauded his ability to “artfully” navigate Washington, D.C.’s “nexus of media, science, policy, and politics.”

After appearing to move the goalposts and flip-flop on COVID-19 guidelines on multiple occasions, Fauci has become a contentious figure. He most recently irritated Americans by encouraging them not to invite unvaccinated relatives to family gatherings during the holidays.

As per Foxnews, Wallace has been ridiculed before for her apparent sycophantic approach toward government officials. During their June interview, the anchor lavished praise on White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“You get such high marks from the vast majority of the people in that room. You spar a little bit with some of the president’s detractors, but I’m sure privately they give you grudging respect,” she told Psaki.

Since the Trump era, Wallace has become one of MSNBC’s biggest stars, and the erstwhile Republican apologist has converted into one of cable news’ most outspoken Democratic supporters. While overseeing the network’s political coverage, she claimed that she would vote for whichever Democrat won the 2020 presidential nomination.

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