‘Party Mom’ Who Allegedly Hosted Se*x Parties for Teen Son Had Disturbing Google History

 ‘Party Mom’ Who Allegedly Hosted Se*x Parties for Teen Son Had Disturbing Google History

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A California mother, Shannon O’Connor, accused of organizing explicit gatherings for her teenage son and his peers, has come under scrutiny for her disturbing online activity, as per recently disclosed court documents.

The investigation into O’Connor’s activities commenced in October 2021 after allegations emerged that she had been hosting parties at her residence, where she allegedly encouraged underage drinking and se*xual activity among the teenagers.

According to court records cited by KRON, O’Connor’s Google search history on her phone has raised significant concerns. Reportedly, she sought information on books related to teenage se*xuality and searched for images of young girls, specifically the “prettiest 16-year-old girl.” These revelations have added to the mounting allegations against the 48-year-old mother.

The events in question allegedly began in 2020 when O’Connor purportedly hosted gatherings for students from Los Gatos High School at her California home, including her 15-year-old son. Court documents indicate that she exerted control over who could attend these gatherings and often dismissed female guests, citing that they were not “pretty enough” or did not meet certain expectations, according to the New York Post.

Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise has claimed that O’Connor was aware of instances of se*xual assault taking place in her home but failed to intervene. The prosecution anticipates that O’Connor’s defense may argue that these activities were consensual. To counter this argument, the prosecution plans to present evidence demonstrating how O’Connor allegedly continued to encourage the assaults despite witnessing them.

Court documents further suggest that O’Connor attempted to evade authorities by relocating from California to Eagle, Idaho, where she conducted suspicious Google searches concerning potential charges and her arrest status. These searches included inquiries such as “Can I get prosecuted in California if I live in Idaho,” “How do I know if there is a warrant for my arrest,” “Supplying alcohol to minors in a private home,” and “Statute of limitations California.”

Upon her arrest at her Idaho residence, police reportedly found 12 minors who had spent the previous night there. Following her apprehension, O’Connor allegedly contacted her 15-year-old son, instructing him not to cooperate with the police or provide information to authorities.

Shannon O’Connor is scheduled to appear in court on November 6 at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice. She faces numerous charges, including endangering the health of a child, se*xual battery, annoying or molesting a child, child endangerment, and furnishing alcohol to a person under 21. O’Connor has entered a plea of not guilty to 39 charges. The prosecution is prepared to present evidence suggesting that the offenses were driven by se*xual compulsion and for the purpose of se*xual gratification.

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