“NOT FAIR AT ALL’: S*EX TRAFFICKING VICTIM SAYS SEN” Survivor of Trafficking Critiques Senator’s Misuse of Her Story in Political Rebuttal

 “NOT FAIR AT ALL’: S*EX TRAFFICKING VICTIM SAYS SEN” Survivor of Trafficking Critiques Senator’s Misuse of Her Story in Political Rebuttal


During a prime-time television segment, a survivor of s*ex trafficking forcefully criticized the misuse of her harrowing experience by Republican Senator Katie Britt, a known ally of former President Donald Trump, following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

The survivor, Karla Jacinto Romero, accused Senator Britt of leveraging her traumatic story for political advantage, expressing her disillusionment with the political exploitation of personal tragedies. Karla Jacinto Romero’s ordeal became a topic of controversy when Senator Britt referenced a story during the Republican response to President Biden’s address, implying a connection to the current administration’s policies.

Jacinto, who has been a vocal advocate for victims of human trafficking, conveyed her disappointment in an interview, highlighting the insensitivity of using such personal suffering as a rhetorical tool. She emphasized the need for a more empathetic approach to the issue of human trafficking, urging lawmakers to consider the profound impact of their words and actions on the millions of victims and survivors, HuffPost reported.

The contention arose from Senator Britt’s recounting of an encounter during a visit to Texas, where she claimed to have spoken with a woman who had been trafficked by cartels from the age of 12. Britt’s narrative aimed to critique President Biden’s border policies, describing the situation as a “disgrace” and “despicable.” However, the story, as presented, contained inaccuracies, including the timeline and the identity of the perpetrators, leading to confusion and misrepresentation of Jacinto’s experiences.

In the Washington Post, Karla Jacinto’s actual story unfolded over four years during the George W. Bush administration and took place in Mexico, not the United States. Contrary to Britt’s account, Jacinto was exploited by a pimp rather than a drug cartel. Her testimony before Congress in 2015 detailed these experiences, providing a stark contrast to the narrative used by Britt in her speech.

The misuse of Jacinto’s story prompted criticism from various quarters, including social media, where users condemned Senator Britt for appropriating a victim’s experience to fuel political rhetoric against immigration. The incident underscores the complexities and ethical considerations in discussing human trafficking and immigration, highlighting the need for accuracy, respect, and empathy in addressing these critical issues.


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