White House Slams Trumpworld’s Misinformation Campaign Against Biden

 White House Slams Trumpworld’s Misinformation Campaign Against Biden

Photo by AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The White House has forcefully responded to what they describe as a disingenuous smear campaign orchestrated by allies of former President Donald Trump against President Joe Biden. According to a recent report, White House Senior Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates condemned the tactics employed by Trump-aligned groups, labeling them as “cheap fakes” aimed at manipulating public perception.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Bates expressed frustration over a “deceptively edited clip” circulating online. The clip purportedly shows Biden wandering away from a G7 summit event, creating a misleading narrative about the president’s actions. Another incident highlighted in the report involved claims that Biden “froze” on stage during a fundraiser, a portrayal disputed by actual video evidence showing Biden and former President Barack Obama engaging with the audience in a cordial manner.

The backlash from the White House comes amid renewed efforts by Trump-affiliated entities, including Rupert Murdoch’s super PAC and the New York Post, to discredit Biden. Bates criticized the New York Post’s ethical standards, suggesting their coverage lacks credibility and integrity.

Recently, the New York Post published photos from a Hollywood fundraiser attended by Biden and Obama, with a caption insinuating that Biden had to be led off stage by Obama after freezing up. Contrary to the implication, the video footage accompanying the event clearly shows both leaders smiling and waving before calmly exiting the stage together.

Even among Republican strategists, there is skepticism about the effectiveness of such smear tactics. The Daily Beast reported that some strategists view these efforts as part of an ongoing battle in the realm of internet disinformation, where partial truths and manipulated narratives are used to influence public opinion.

The timing of these attacks is notable, given that Biden, at 81, is only a few years older than Trump, who recently turned 78. If Trump were to win back the White House, he would not only become the oldest president ever inaugurated but also the first with a criminal record, given his prior legal entanglements.

In responding to these smear attempts, the White House has underscored its commitment to combating misinformation and maintaining transparency in its communication with the public. Bates’ criticism of the tactics used by Trumpworld reflects a broader concern within the Biden administration about the ethical standards of political discourse and media reporting in today’s polarized environment.

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